How much will my funeral cost?

Prices will vary depending on the services you select but at a significantly reduced rate. Contact us or one of the Funeral Service Providers listed for further information. Please be sure to indicate you are requesting information on the Memorial Society of Alberta. Members living outside of a 50km radius from any of the funeral service providers shown on this pamphlet may be subject to mileage fees.

Do you pay any of my funeral costs?

No. This is not an insurance plan.

Can I prepay my funeral?

Yes, in addition to the $20.00 Society Membership, it is wise to prepay your funeral arrangements. It is, in fact, the only way the cost will be guaranteed. For more information on Prepaid Funerals, contact one of the funeral service providers listed.

Am I limited to only cremation?

No. You may choose cremation or burial. You may also choose to donate your body for medical research, or donate specific organs for transplant. The Society endorses the organ donor program and recommends it for your consideration.

Is communication important?

Yes. Discuss your wishes with your family or executor so they can carry out your wishes. It is also important they are aware of your membership.

How do I join?

There are 2 ways to complete the application. There is a one time membership fee of $20.00 per person payable by cash, cheque or credit card using our new online payment method with PayPal.

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